Olivia Downie's Life Transformations

"I guess the most fitting way to start this would be to be to cut straight to the chase and say: I wouldn't be here to write this, if it weren't for Dr. Daryl Turner. I met Dr. Turner at age 20, when working at a medical centre in Brisbane, Australia. He came into the clinic to conduct training on the Thyroflex machine, where I was then chosen to represent the patient. When he saw my results… those words he said to me... they were ones I will never forget. He turned to me, with a shocked look on his face, and said, ‘I have never, in all my years of working in the medical industry, seen someone as young as you, be so sick.’

He told me straight away that he would fix that. He wrote a list of what I required, and I immediately went down the hall to my treating doctor and demanded that all necessary arrangements be made so that I could receive the type of treatment Dr. Turner provides through his doctors at Nitek Medical (accessible through DrTriFixx). The following day, after starting the treatment? Well... what a day of true beauty that was.”



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