The Essential Nutrients
for Your Thyroid Health

"If you have come to this video, you have answered the questionnaire in a way which indicates that either (a) your body is noticeably lacking in iodine i.e. your car has no oil, or (b) you want to capitalise on all the benefits of the element that our ancestors once had so readily available to them, that we - in the 21st century - now struggle to find sufficient amounts of, through our diets.

Iodine is one of those elements that you only really consciously notice the brilliance of, when you stop taking it. Or (if you’re like me) when you start taking it, after you got told off by Dr. Turner for not taking it, and realising that you should have been taking it from the beginning like you were instructed to - because it kind of makes a big difference to how everything else works.

Its brilliance is a lot more subtle in experience, but when reading through all of the medical literature that I have, I can now appreciate that it (along with D3/K2), is easily one of the biggest players, in how our health manifests and progresses, throughout our lives.

There is a lot of information on this website surrounding the benefits of iodine, and through a quick search online, you will find a great deal more. It’s not a case of whether we either need it or not, to function optimally - but rather, whether we are getting it in our diets or not. It’s that question, that determines whether we need to supplement with an iodine nutraceutical.

When a pregnant mother taking sufficient amounts of iodine can ensure that up to 15 IQ points are not taken away from her baby - you know that clearly, iodine holds some weight.

I could write on this for hours and still have never-ending content for all of the social media platforms, but the longer I write & you read, the longer in between now, and when you (a) receive the iodine you deserve, and (b) read the content written by the medical professionals in this field - of which, can be found in multiple locations on this website.

So if you are here, I would highly recommend you watch the video, and then checkout our Iodine Fixx™.

For it’s not a case of whether iodine holds value - it does, and that’s been proven time and time again through numerous studies. It’s a case of whether you want the benefits of it, or not.

Why sell yourself short, when you don’t have to? Demand brilliance for your body. For you deserve that xo" - Olivia


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