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NUCLEAR IODINE FIXX 50mg for Radiation Protection Whether you are looking to help protect yourself against the radiation of nuclear weapons, or reverse your prostate cancer like TriFixx™ founder Dr...
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NUCLEAR IODINE FIXX 50mg for Radiation Protection

Whether you are looking to help protect yourself against the radiation of nuclear weapons, or reverse your prostate cancer like TriFixx™ founder Dr Turner has recently accomplished, through his iodine treatment protocol; Nuclear Iodine Fixx™ could be just what you are looking for.  

It sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Nuclear threats? Reversing cancer by simply taking high dose iodine? Trust us, we get it – but we aren’t really living in what you would call ‘normal’ times, are we? And just because you may never have heard of an individual having accomplished such a feat through such a method – does not mean that (a) it wasn’t able to be done, or (b) that there isn’t a tremendous amount of research proving why such a feat was possible.

Here at TriFixx™, we are not in the business of prescribing medication – that is what DrTriFixx is for. Additionally, we don’t claim to be experts in how to deal with finding yourself in a war zone, nor do we claim that there is a one-size-fits-all approach to treating cancer. But, what we are in the business of doing, is making products available to the public that we stand behind, and introducing people to a different perspective, when it comes to the treatment of their thyroid – and therefore – overall, health.

We introduce, and we provide, so that the public can then go on and research the benefits, for themselves.

We know that high dose iodine can be effective in treating lumps, bumps, hot spots, cysts, thickening of the uterine lining, enlarged thyroids, enlarged prostates, cancers and radiation poisoning… along with so many other health ailments – but chances are, if you are considering this product? Then you are already pretty clued up on the benefits of iodine, and you know exactly why you are seeking it at this dosage.

If we can make it in 12.5mg, then we can make it in 50mg. If we can do that, and if know that it could prove beneficial to some of our customers – then why wouldn’t we make that available?

We cannot recommend any product, but we can recommend that you look into the benefits of each of the products that we make available. Nuclear Iodine Fixx™, is no different in that regard.

So, if you would like to learn more – we implore you to do your research. However, to get you started, we thought we would provide you with some history – which you can choose to add to, via your own experience, should you feel Nuclear Iodine Fixx™, is the Fixx for you:
Why was iodine given after Chernobyl?
Radioactive iodine emissions were released into the air after Chernobyl, according to the World Health Organization, and a way to stem the potential health implications, was to give people more iodine.

What pills do you take for radiation exposure?
In December 2001, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said if there was a radiation emergency, people should take a drug that would help protect them from thyroid cancer. This drug is called potassium iodide (KI). The New York State Health Department agrees.

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