Optimizing Your Adrenals
for More Energy and Wellness

"If you have come to this video, you have answered the questionnaire in a way which indicates that your adrenals are not functioning at an optimal level. Your adrenals are paramount to being able to cope with stress, whilst ironically, being most greatly impaired by stress itself. I for one, certainly know what that feels like.

Come the time of my adrenals hitting their all-time low, I had been through hypothyroidism, anorexia, bulimia, domestic violence, rape, encephalitis, a seizure, workplace bullying and finally (as a result), developed Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). Safe to say, my adrenals were next to non-existent.

If you are thinking you haven’t ‘been through as much’ as someone like myself, so your adrenals may not be that affected? I want to highlight, that I have overcome all of my past trauma and now live a beautiful life, yet I still experience FND. Why? Because I experience stress. Because stress can be so subconscious. Because it takes a great deal of concerted effort to both avoid and cope with stress in the society we live in, and even when we are successful in doing so - we forever remain susceptible to the opportunity for stress to work its way in. In saying as much, it is my (and many other’s) strong belief, that everyone should be taking something for their adrenals.

So what do we recommend? - ADRENAL FIXX™

Or, what I like to call, my “chill pill”. It wouldn’t even be a stretch for me to credit this nutraceutical as being the reason why I have the amount of beautiful people in my life that I do. For it has relaxed me. It has enabled me to not always be in that fired up/on guard state. It has allowed me to look at my ‘To Do list’ and not feel completely overwhelmed.

I could go on and on but truly; if you are stressed, if you are on edge, if you are worn out and if everything seems too much - check it out. It is my strong belief, that you will not regret doing so. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re back here shortly, buying a bottle for that certain colleague, that everyone in the office knows could do with a bit of chill." - Olivia


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