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"If you have come to this video, it means that you have answered the questionnaire in a way which indicates that you are experiencing the symptoms of low thyroid function, i.e. hypothyroidism.

One primary point that I have a feeling many reading this may be thinking, is: ‘Don’t you think you’re jumping the gun a little? Feeling tired, wanting snacks, feeling down… they’re quite normal feelings to experience. Wouldn’t that be better explained through simply the lifestyle we’re all leading in the 21st century?’ To that, I would say: yes, those feelings are normal (it’s estimated that up to 80% of the population suffer with poor thyroid function), but no - you can live in the 21st century, without experiencing those feelings on an ongoing basis.

I want to give a personal example, to really squash any self-limiting beliefs that you as the reader, may be subconsciously subscribing to, simply due to the fact that most people who are suffering with poor thyroid function, either (a) aren’t being properly diagnosed, and/or (b) aren’t receiving the proper treatment:

- Barely working a 38 hour week
- Relaxing when not at work
- No pressure to succeed (young)
- Yet experienced next to every hypothyroid symptom

- Retired from the 9-5 into full time currency trading, just as coronavirus hit the markets
- Had declared to the world through my vlogs that I was able to trade the markets
- Had declared to the world through my vlogs that I was able to trade the markets
- Had a great deal of pressure to succeed through not wanting to let people down
- Experienced a string of losses because my strategy no longer worked
- Had to come up with a new strategy on the spot
- Worked 18 hour days at a manic pace, day in & day out, with zero downtime
- Went into a long period of survival mode
- Health remained optimal

Currency trading and retiring into coronavirus markets, was the most stressful experience of my life. I hit breaking point. I know that the future is only going to be easier - because I know that I will never be in such a state again, for that situation goes against every single aspect of how the human brain is wired. Yet I remained healthy throughout.

Why? Because my thyroid was supported. I was able to make the necessary course corrections under my treatment plan, so that I would be able to maintain a healthy state, irrespective.

I could handle the stress. My body could handle the stress. It’s not that I didn’t experience stress (I’m nowhere near that level of emotional mastery) - but I didn’t pay for it. THAT’S the difference.

You don’t have to accept mediocrity. You don’t have to be a victim to circumstance. You can elevate above that, and you can be the one to do that, for yourself.

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Knowledge is power - and by doing this, you’re taking your power back xo" - Olivia

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